5 Star Review for Selected

I was thrilled to get a 5-Star Review from InD’tale Magazine for my YA sci-fi ‘Selected’.

Although it is geared for Young Adults, my adult readers will love it as well. Can you imagine being torn from your family and friends by aliens to save the Earth?

Here is the second half of the review. The first part gives away some of the plot twists I’d like you to discover while you are reading the book:

Ind’Tale Magazine
Dec. ’16-Jan. ’17 Issue
Selected (The Zaratan Trilogy: Book 1)

“Selected” enters space and leaps to warp speed at an astronomical pace, taking the reader along for a fabulous ride! Ms. Lederman’s world-creating ability is second to none, as is her crafting of a remarkable storyline that will leave everyone wondering “What if?” It’s a unique combination of “Twilight”, “Romeo and Juliet”, and a little “Hunger Games” and “Survivor” thrown in for good measure. The writing is clean, the conflicts are believable, the dialogue natural, and the action scenes so well-orchestrated one can easily follow and imagine them happening. This story grabs from the first line, demanding the reader’s attention and holds it until the last page…which is only the beginning of Kara and Matt’s new life. Exceptional story…highly enjoyable…and a keeper for any lover of YA Sci-Fi. Great job!

Clarice Silvers

You can buy Selected here:

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