Salyt & Pepper

Salyt & Pepper

Bishop Academy, Book 1

Release Date: September 7, 2021


An unexpected scholarship to Blakeway Prep wasn’t the only surprise Pepper Samuels discovers when she is thrust into the secretive Bishop Academy. There she learns about the magical legacy she inherited from the parents she barely remembers. The bloodline she carries is coveted by the powerful families who send their children to Bishop to set up alliances.

Outcast Salyt Edwards is only comfortable within the confines of her coven. When her life is threatened by her biological father, she is sent to Bishop Academy. There she discovers the truth about her real family and the untapped magical abilities at her fingertips.

Get lost into the mysteries presented in this new Teen and Young Adult Fantasy series.

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As many of you know, in April I moved from Bonita Springs, FL to Austin, TX. I spent many wonderful years in Austin during the 1980s. Not only did I start my 33-year career with Farmers Insurance in Austin, I was also membership chairman of the Austin Chapter of the Sierra Club, worked on political campaigns, visited with my parents, and took many wonderful day trips around the Texas Hill Country with friends and family.

Fast forward to 2021. I’ve got a beautiful view from my balcony to inspire my writing. As life changes with more people being vaccinated, I’m super excited to start a new life in this magnificent city. How can things not be wonderful with sunsets like this in my backyard?


Magic, New Mexico New Releases

Brand new Magic, New Mexico stories for you to curl up with!!

* Dangerous Enchantment by Evelyn Lederman. With the Brethren after her, it’s killed or be killed for Fatima. But when magic is at play, the possibilities are endless.

* Pearl of Wisdom by Jody Wallace. The truth will set her free, but it may destroy him.

* The Alien Dragon King by Tianna Xander. One woman. Two royal dragons. A battle that could destroy their world.

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Space Coast Book Lover’s Conference

One of the most enjoyable book conferences I attend yearly is the Space Coast Book Lover’s Conference in Cape Canaveral, Florida. After the 2020 cancellation of the conference, we’re all super excited for this year’s conference.

You can join me, S.E. Smith, Julia Mills, Teri Riggs, Julie Morgan, Elicia Hyder, and others in Cape Canaveral June 24th-June 27th.

Come early or stay late and head to the Kennedy Space Center where the Mercury, Gemini, Apollo, and Space Shuttle missions launched from.

Temptation Enchantment

Temptation Enchantment

Eden’s Dragon, Book 4

The Worlds of Magic, New Mexico

Release Date: August 17, 2021


She can tempt any man, except for him.

Men have died to possess Nour, even those who came to kill her. For centuries, dragon shifter Nour has used the gift she inherited from Eden’s Dragon. Everything changes when she materializes in Magic, New Mexico. Will her enchantment finally end?

Jaguar shifter Elon possesses psychic powers he refused to use. Against his better judgement, he aids his cousin and enters a parallel dimension. Sometimes there are no choices when it comes to protecting his newly discovered mate.

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Other Platforms

The Move

2020 impacted everyone around the world. It caused many of us to reflect on our lives and think about what was important. I loved living in Florida and met many wonderful people, but my heart was in Austin, Texas. Two of my four best friends live in Austin, I was membership chairman of the Sierra Club when I lived there, and I started my 33-year career with Farmers Insurance there. I made the decision in the 4th quarter of last year to move to Austin in the April-June 2021 timeframe.

My life has been crazy starting in February as I prepared to sell the house through April when I moved to Austin. It took a lot of work to stage the condo to place it on the market. All the work was worth it since the condo sold over a single weekend. Then preparing to pack everything I owned and throw out lots of materials I wasn’t taking with me. I donated items to The Goodwill and St. Matthew’s House, reducing what I would bring along with me. Bear Junk Haulers took the larger items that I couldn’t lug to the dumpster.

My tennis friends got together to give me a proper send off at one of my friend’s huge lanai. It went against CDC rules, but we all have been playing tennis together throughout the pandemic. As I said, I leave behind a wonderful group of ladies!!!

Over election week in November 2020, I drove to Austin to check out different apartment complexes. I decided to rent in the beginning since I’d be dealing with a seller’s market and didn’t know if I wanted to deal with homeownership again.

I found a complex with 3-bedroom standalone townhouse rentals. Perfect!!! I selected a unit with an amazing view of the Texas Hill Country. My balcony faces west and I’ve witnessed some amazing sunsets.

Hopefully, my writing muse has followed me to Austin.

Conferences in 2021: Space Coast & Literary Love

I’ll be attending 2 conferences in 2021.

Space Coast Book Lovers: Cape Canaveral, Florida

Thursday June 24th through Sunday June 27th.

This is a super fun, intimate conference. I’ve been to all the Space Coast conferences and it’s like a second home to me.

I have a reader ticket to give away, if you want it, please e-mail me at


Literary Love Savannah: Savannah, Georgia

Thursday August 5 through Sunday August 8th

This conference is packed full of fun activities and parties to allow you intimate contact with 34 authors. Attendees must stay at the Savannah Marriott on the river. You are a block away from restaurants and stores.

Sign up by May 5th

Dangerous Enchantment

Dangerous Enchantment

Eden’s Dragon, Book 3

The Worlds of Magic, New Mexico

Release Date: June 8, 2021


It’s kill or be killed.

Fatima, a victim of an enchantment, takes her human form only a single day each year. A born warrior, she goes after the member of the Brethren who has sworn to kill the enchanted female descendants of Eden’s Dragon. Everything changes when a witch tells her to come to Magic, New Mexico to reunite with two of her sisters.

Brett Dixon has stalled his dad’s plans to reunite with his runaway brother. Together, the twins have the ability to conjure a jinn to grant all their immoral father’s wishes. When a naked woman appears before him and then later changes into a dragon, he knows he must find her.

Forces converge in Magic, New Mexico, where anything is possible.

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Evelyn Lederman, fantasy, paranormal romance author