An Unleashed Passion

An Unleashed Passion

An Unleashed Passion

Outer World Passion: Book 2

Release Date: November 13, 2018

As a castoff bride, she had no future.  He was a hybrid-human who believed he was beneath her.
Laurel Brayton was raised to be one thing, a contracted bride. When her groom married another, her future appeared bleak. Victimized, she was determined to take control of her life despite the odds.
Gerard Holmes was in love with a woman he could never possess. When she came to him in desperation, he had no choice but to succumb to her wishes. Every decision she made placed her in greater danger, causing Gerard to reach deep inside himself and overcome his past insecurities.
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Latest Giveaways

I’m part of several giveaways. Take a look at them and see if you’ve read the book I’m offering or any of the other authors presented a book you’d love to read!

For the scifi lover in all of us. ‘Selected’ is part of the offering, but they have more than YA books you can check out. The promotion runs from November 1st- November 20th. So mark your calendars. I’ll remind you in my November newsletter (scheduled for November 13th).

What better way to celebrate Halloween than reading a novella that takes place on that supernatural night in Savannah? This promotion runs through October 30th. Grab your copy today. There are 131 books to choose from…Wow! ‘The Ultimate Act of Love’ was inspired by a ghost tour I took in Savannah during Authors After Dark.

You’ve got to admit, this graphic is sexy. Here’s another chance to grab‘Nightshade’ if you haven’t already. This promotion runs through November 5th. 137 titles are available for you to consider.

Out and About October

M.L. Guida and I shared a table at the Penned conference in St. Louis last month. We gave away a Kindle. Here we are with the lucky winner (Yes, one of my readers). Congrats, Annie! Next year I’ll have my own table at Penned Conference. I just have too many books to be sharing a table.

I went to Mexico with my friend, Jackie. Her husband hates the heat, so we head south once a year for the last twenty years together. Each morning we go hiking up the foothills outside my resort and celebrate each night with amazing food. It’s the same hiking path I took when I first started writing and the women from the Worlds Apart series talked to me.

It was great meeting Cecilia at ‘Show Me Your Books’ and seeing her again at Penned Con.

Here are my conference dates for next year. I hope to see as many of you as possible.

  • Book Obsessed Babes (BOB) 3/9/2019 signing. St. Augustine, FL
  • Space Coast Book Lovers 6/27-30/2019  Cape Canaveral, FL (just west of Cocoa Beach)
    Arrive a day early and check out the Kennedy Space Center/NASA. It’s awesome
  • Penned Con 9/12-14/2019 St. Louis, MO
  • Show Me Your Books NEW DATES 9/19-21/2019 Kansas City, MO

In 2020 I’ll be returning to Weekend with the Authors and Literary Love, Savannah.

An Uncontrollable Passion

An Uncontrollable Passion

An Uncontrollable Passion

Outer World Passion: Book 1

Release Date: October 16, 2018

He looked past his genetically engineered bride and became obsessed with her battle-scarred bodyguard.
Militia cadet Sydney Aubrey’s life is turned upside down when she receives new orders. An attraction to a man after a chance encounter threatens her new assignment. Haunted by her past, Sydney fights not to have history repeat itself.
Clay Wilson worked hard to build his outer world operation and travels to Earth to collect his contracted bride. He questions his decision to marry to enhance his status when a totally unacceptable woman invades his life and stirs his body.
Travel to the 31th Century in this sexy, gritty science fiction romance.
When Earth runs out of natural resources, mankind heads to the stars. In the outer worlds and Frontier, there are no laws and women are a commodity.
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September 2018 Out and About

One of my favorite things about attending conference is meeting new friends/readers. Many I communicated with via Facebook, but it’s special meeting them face-to-face.

I met Mary at the 2013 Romcon in Colorado Springs. She came to surprise me and another Author in Phoenix in 2015. Well, my day was made when Mary was attending a wedding in Kansas City and came to the Marriott specifically to see me. She’s a dear friend and I didn’t want to let her go.

On of the advantages of being short is being front and enter when a group photo is taken. This was the first ‘Show Me Your Books’ and we had an incredible collection of authors. I was proud to be part of the group.

Out and About at Literary Love & Once Upon A Book

Attending conference is always a lot of fun. It’s wonderful meeting my readers and gaining new ones. At Literary Love: Savannah, Savannah Verte (in the big red hat) and I co-sponsored a lunch table. The readers were given cute fascinator hats Savannah picked up in New Orleans. Two of our readers bugged out before the photo was taken. Naturally, I wore my purple fascinator!

At Literary Love: Savannah, I was also on 3 panels (PNR, YA, and scifi/fantasy/UF). I enjoyed listening to panel discussions when I attended conferences as a reader and was thrilled to participate in these 3 panels. This was the PNR panel which included Laura Hawks and Milly Taiden.

Conference are also an opportunity to network with fellow authors and do some business. An industrious reader caught me and Jennifer Wentworth having a quick meeting related to the new scifi series I will be releasing in October/November/December. I posted this picture on Facebook and someone asked if I had fallen. It was actually more comfortable talking and taking notes sitting on the floor than sitting on the chair.

At Once Upon a Book in Frankenmuth, Michigan it was a lot of fun dressing up as a Greek Goddess. That’s my roommate at the convention Laura Hawks with me. Yes, I know I’m not in purple or have my fascinator on. It felt strange!

SWFL SpaceCon

Last year I attended SWFL SpaceCon and participated in a panel entitled ‘Romance in Science Fiction’.

This year I was happy to attend again and participated in two panels ‘World Building’ and ‘The World of Publishing’.

Like last year, it was fun to talk with attendees and check out the costumes many of the attendees wore.

I also had a fan girl moment with Star Trek: The Next Generation’s Marina Sirtis (Counselor Troy).

Shantel attended both years as well and purchased ‘Selected’ last year and picked up the other 2 books at this year’s conference. She was amazed I recognized her from last year. Her makeup job was incredible.


My Summer Author Conferences

This summer I traveled to Cocoa Beach to be part of the Space Coast Book Lovers conference. I had only participated in the book signing last year and was attending the whole conference this year.

One of the great things about traveling to conferences are checking out the local attractions.

Before we headed to NASA Kennedy Space Center, ML Guida, Susan Hayes, and reader Suzanne and I had breakfast. Our waitress was nice enough to take our photo before we headed out.

The Kennedy Space Center was incredible. I got to pilot the space shuttle Atlantis (sort of).

The whole conference was a lot of fun, including the book signing. Elizabeth won the lavender gift set and I got to meet a number of new readers. Tiffany told me she’s obsessed with the worlds I built in my novels. That warmed my heart!


The Ultimate Act of Love

The Ultimate Act of Love

The Ultimate Act of Love

February 28, 2018


She lamented over a ghost lover she could never have.

The last thing Kori Daniels expected to witness on a ghost tour was an actual apparition. Although she felt earth-bound spirits, she had never seen one. Already impacted by nightly amorous dreams since arriving in Savannah, her dream lover now has a face.

Jeb Crawford stares out of his front parlor window waiting for the one night a year he takes physical form. Each Halloween, he searches for the one woman, his soul mate, who can save him from his fate.

Only an ultimate act of love will bring Jeb back to life.

This novella was originally part of the limited edition set ‘Haunting Savannah’.

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Out and About

Although I have not completed the fifth and final book in the Nightshade Saga series, I have the cover. This model just IS Drake! I was so happy with the cover, I ordered a new table cover. How do you like it?

You can check it out in person! Here are my upcoming events:

Weekend with the Authors: Nashville, TN- March 16th-18th
Join me, Cherry Adair, Cat Johson, and Teri Riggs among a host of other authors.
Get ready for a fabulous weekend

Space Coast Book Lovers: Cocoa Beach, FL- May 31st-June 3rd
Hang out on the beach with me and group of amazing authors, including ML Guida, Susan Hayes, Carrie Wells, Julie Morgan, Kait Ballenger, Kerry Adrienne, and the amazing Milly Taiden. I’m especially excited about somemores on the beach!

Literary Love Savannah: Savannah, GA July 26th-July 29th
Two luncheons, a ball, and a myriad of activities to get involved in that brings you up close with the authors that are attending. I am sponsoring a table at the ball and you can dress up as your favorite large cat, adorable & fluffy or dark & dangerous.
Authors attending include Milly Taiden, Laura Hawks, Leanna Renee Hieber, Savannah Verte, and Lia Davis.

Once Upon a Book: Frankenmuth, MI August 10th-11th
Yes, I’m returning to Frankenmuth, Michigan to attend this charming convention and eat more of the incredible fried chicken dinners.
Authors attending include Tish Thawer and Quinn Loftis.

Show Me Your Books: Kansas City, MO September 7-8th
This is a new convention that includes many of the authors that attended Authors After Dark, as well a some other authors.
Authors include Christine Alvarez, Jenna Jacob, and Robbie Cox

Penned Con: St. Louis, MO September 20-22nd
I’m excited about attending my second Penned Con. Authors attending Angie Fox, VA Dold, Terri Riggs, Dianna Love.
Please note, authors may be added or drop out. But be assured, I will be attending the conferences about.

Local to SW Florida Venice Book Festival: Venice, FL- March 24th

SW Florida Space Con: June 16th-June 17th 
(includes Marina Sirtis from Star Trek: The Next Generation)

Hope you can make it to one or more of these events.

Evelyn Lederman, science fiction, fantasy, paranormal romance author