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Drake’s Nightshade Coming Soon

In 2014 when I wrote ‘The Crystal Telepath’, I had to create a horrendous parallel dimension Shirl would travel to.

With that thought in mind, the Nightshade world was created. A parallel dimension of vampires was horrifying, but there were 2 blood brothers (Drake and Lorenz) who were introduced who were not the blood-lusting vampires who populated that realm. Drake and the Nightshade universe were so popular, I spun off a second series.

In ‘The Warrior Woman’ Drake discovers Alexandra is carrying his unborn soul mate. His actions from that point on were geared to support her parents and their friends. Star became a major figure in the Nightshade world even before she was born.

Before I wrote the fourth book in the Worlds Apart series, I had to do something about the poor woman I abandoned alone in the Nightshade universe. ‘Nightshade’ was published and a new set of soul mates were introduced. Where soul mates in the Troyk universe evolved to their next level of telepathic powers, the vampires and their soul mates had a very different impact when they finally made love (the final stage in the joining).

‘Drake’s Nightshade’

was originally supposed to be published in December 2017. Between Hurricane Irma and another deadline, the book was shelved. After I completed ‘Designated’, I knew it was time to bring Star and Drake together.

I hope you enjoy ‘Drake’s Nightshade’. In each book, I try to introduce unique aspects. If I did my job right, you’ll have a couple of surprises you didn’t see coming.

Here is a pre-order Amazon link for the book that will be published 7/24/18. Other e-book platform links will be available soon.