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Eden’s Dragon series

Crystal Enchantment

Crystal Enchantment

Crystal Enchantment

Eden’s Dragon: Book 1
The Worlds of Magic, New Mexico

Release Date: October 27, 2020

Eden’s Dragon, not a serpent, tempted Adam into biting into the apple. The male offspring of the original female dragon shifter, the Brethren, vowed to rid the world of their seductress sisters. Fearing for the lives of her daughters, a mother casts an enchantment to transform her offspring into dragon figurines. One day each year, the daughters materialize. If in the twenty-four-hour period they find their true mates, the enchantment will end. For only with their powerful mates by their side will the female descendants of Eden’s dragon defeat the Brethren.

At midnight on Halloween in Magic, New Mexico, a crystal dragon once again takes her human form. A lion shifter from a parallel dimension claims her as his own. If they are true mates, the enchantment will end and together they will face the danger that has plagued the women for centuries.

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Crystal Enchantment Cover Reveal

COVER REVEAL – Crystal Enchantment

Crystal Enchantment

Here is my next Magic, New Mexico cover hot off the press! It’s the start of a new series, ‘Eden’s Dragon’.

Did you know the serpent who tempted Adam was in fact a dragon? Want to know more? Below is the Amazon link. Other platform links will be available in October.

Crystal Enchantment’s release date is October 27th.