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‘Selected’ Wins 1st Runner up RONE Award for Best YA Scifi/Paranormal/Fantasy

At the InD’Scribe conference in October, I was thrilled to received the 1st Runner-up RONE Award for ‘Selected’. The 5-star review I received from InD’Tale Magazine made the book an automatic Finalist. I put on a fancy dress and attended the ceremony. It was surreal hearing ‘Selected’ announced.

The book is specially priced at $2.99 in honor of the award. Click here to purchase or gift. It’s a Young Adult book, but adults can enjoy it as well. Of all the books I have written, it is the most personal. No, I was not selected by aliens to leave Earth and travel to Zaratan, but I put 14-year-old Evelyn in the position of my main character. What would I have done facing what Kara had to face alone?

Selected is a RONE Award Finalist

Selected is a RONE Award FINALIST for Best Young Adult Novel of 2015. Just received the news. It’s very exciting. Since the book received a 5-star review from InD’Tale Magazine, it automatically moves into the FINALIST category.

Another great piece of news. I FINALLY get to meet my awesome cover artist, Fiona Jayde when I am at RT in Atlanta next month. She provided an awesome cover for my book.



A world under siege…
Loyalties divided…
And deception…
Kara Howard’s arrival on Zaratan is shadowed by Joffray violence. With the planet under siege, her loyalties to her new home will be tested. If the terrorists were not enough of a challenge to her allegiance to her guardian – her discovery of a new faction further complicates the situation.
The Pure Bloods have claimed Kara as one of their own. They are determined to end the practice of bringing children from other worlds to Zaratan. If Kara’s life wasn’t complicated enough, her feelings for Matt Sparks is tested with her growing attraction for Jim, an alien boy she met on the journey from Earth.
Kara must make a life-changing decision when the Joffray offer her an opportunity to be reunited with her family. Will she take it? If she does, how can she be sure it isn’t a deception.
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5 Star Review for Selected

I was thrilled to get a 5-Star Review from InD’tale Magazine for my YA sci-fi ‘Selected’.

Although it is geared for Young Adults, my adult readers will love it as well. Can you imagine being torn from your family and friends by aliens to save the Earth?

Here is the second half of the review. The first part gives away some of the plot twists I’d like you to discover while you are reading the book:

Ind’Tale Magazine
Dec. ’16-Jan. ’17 Issue
Selected (The Zaratan Trilogy: Book 1)

“Selected” enters space and leaps to warp speed at an astronomical pace, taking the reader along for a fabulous ride! Ms. Lederman’s world-creating ability is second to none, as is her crafting of a remarkable storyline that will leave everyone wondering “What if?” It’s a unique combination of “Twilight”, “Romeo and Juliet”, and a little “Hunger Games” and “Survivor” thrown in for good measure. The writing is clean, the conflicts are believable, the dialogue natural, and the action scenes so well-orchestrated one can easily follow and imagine them happening. This story grabs from the first line, demanding the reader’s attention and holds it until the last page…which is only the beginning of Kara and Matt’s new life. Exceptional story…highly enjoyable…and a keeper for any lover of YA Sci-Fi. Great job!

Clarice Silvers

You can buy Selected here:

Selected, The Zaratan Trilogy, Book 1

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Selected: The Zaratan Triology, Book 1

Destruction…. A show of force… And a warning…

Three isolated towns across the world have been destroyed in a show of force by alien invaders. It is a clear warning of what will occur if their demands are not fulfilled. The fulfillment: Human children between the ages of twelve through fifteen years.

Kara Harper is an unremarkable fourteen-year-old girl who is selected by the aliens. She will be physically and socially orientated during the six months it will take to arrive at the planet Zaratan. The girl who liked the safety of being invisible, cannot help but stand out.

Matt Sparks, the boy next door, is also selected. Kara has had a crush on him for as long as she can remember. He vows to safeguard her. The closer they get to their destination, the more difficult it becomes to live up to his promise.

Kara is unsure if she has the strength to withstand the trials and physical changes she is forced to go through. In a new life, Kara will be torn. Will she be drawn in by an alien boy who has shown interest in her or by the powerful patriarch who sees her as the future of his race?

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