Nightshade: Nightshade Saga Book 1


Nightshade: Nightshade Saga Book 1

Afton is not like other college freshmen. She drinks blood. Rescued from the horrific Nightshade universe as a baby, the half-ling Afton is manipulated into returning to the world of her birth, where danger shadows her every move.

Lorenz never expects to have to fulfil the treaty he entered years ago. He is shocked when he sees Afton for the first time. In his eyes, he only sees the beautiful vision she will transform into, rather than the waif who is terribly malnourished. Forced to live-up to the terms of the agreement, he joins with the half vampire, half human daughter of his adversary.

Determined to safeguard his soul mate, Lorenz will do everything in his power to protect her. Will an ancient order dedicated to the purity of vampire blood, succeed in eliminating Afton? Find out what happens when a vampire and a half-ling soul mate come together.

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7 thoughts on “Nightshade: Nightshade Saga Book 1”

  1. How many photos do you think I went through until I finally found Lorenz? How did you envision him? I purposely provide little detail, so you can imagine your own Adonis, with just basic guidelines.

  2. Physical proof is on the way! I will have paperbacks for sale at a special price at ARC, Authors After Dark, and Romcon. See you at one or more of these conventions.

  3. New cover coming. This is book 1 of the Nightshade Saga series. I was so captivated by the cover, I didn’t notice. LOL

  4. Now available in paperback on Amazon. We will let everyone know when it is available on e-book platforms.

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