The Chameleon Soul Mate: Worlds Apart Book 1

The Chameleon Soul Mate

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While hiking, Alexandra Mann is powerless to stop the force that pulls her into a foreign land. Alex must rely on her quick-wits in an effort to deal with the strange new world. Fear of rejection taught her the art of blending into the background, a skill that will help keep her alive.

Engaged in a battle with a government determined to suppress its people, Tarsea Childers’ life is suddenly turned upside down. The shocking arrival of an unusual woman captivates him body and soul, and makes him fear what the future holds. The electric, life-changing bond between them will have far reaching consequences for him and his world.

Can Alex step out of the shadows and finally shine? Will Tarsea overcome his need to control everything, and accept Alex as his partner in life and in his fight against the government?

Plunge into an alternate universe where soul mates aren’t just legend.

6 thoughts on “The Chameleon Soul Mate: Worlds Apart Book 1”

  1. When Alex entered the Troyk Universe, I wanted her to immediately know she was not in Kansas any more. When I lived in Austin, I remember sometimes the cedar pollen was so dense, it make the sky appear yellow. I did not want a yellow sky, so I choose the color purple.

  2. What would have been your reaction the first time you heard your soul mate use the telepathic channel that existed between you?

  3. Chartail was originally a throw away character, she just would not leave me alone and fade into the background. Initially her last appearance was at the bar where Tarsea broke up with her.

  4. This was the first book I wrote, and rewrote, and rewrote again. Less backstory and more conflict. Hope you think I got it right.

  5. It has been fun watching the downloads for the FREE promotion of my first book. The first day I was #18 under the Science Fiction Adventure and #8 Science Fiction Metaphysical categories for free sales. Advertising of the free promotion starts next week.

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