The Crystal Telepath: Worlds Apart Book 2

The Crystal Telepath

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Shirl’s prize possession is the crystal that she always wears around her neck. The only item left to her by her mother. Searching for a missing friend, Shirl finds herself in front of a portal her glowing amethyst opens. She blindly enters the event horizon with no clue of where she will end up, desperately hoping to find her friend.

Starc Lours grew up hearing stories about the fabled powers of a mated female crystal telepath. Since he has baggage of his own where women are concerned, he is not thrilled when he is assigned to protect the woman from another universe. During a life-threatening event, Starc recognizes Shirl as his soul mate and is forced to leave her behind.

Is Shirl the Crystal Telepath of legend? Will she be able to handle the powers she will ultimately possess? Or will she be denied the opportunity to find out? The legend of the Crystal Telepath holds the key.

4 thoughts on “The Crystal Telepath: Worlds Apart Book 2”

  1. World building is a lot of fun! In this book, I built three additional parallel universes. One almost as bad as the next. I could not paint a world too nice, otherwise, why stay in the Troyk universe.

  2. What would be the characteristics of an ideal parallel world you would like to visit with the Crystal Telepath?

  3. I chose an amethyst because of its rich color and it’s purple! What stone and color would you have painted your world?

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