The Mind Control Telepath: Worlds Apart Book 4

The Mind Control Telepath

The Mind Control Telepath: Worlds Apart Book 4

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JoAnna Carlson learned at an early age how to get everything she wanted – use her special gift. She blindly follows her soul mate to a parallel world, where their corrupt government possesses the same power. Koel Mardroft has desperately searched for his soul mate, only to have their joining threaten everything he has fought against.

Chartail Adholm was made to feel defective because she could not sway people’s decisions with telepathic capabilities she had not inherited. Now in the penal world, she discovers she temporarily possesses the power she always abhorred.

Is the mind control telepathic power too much of a temptation for JoAnna and Chartail? Will JoAnna betray Koel, falling victim to the governmental pressures to use her growing talents?

Evelyn Lederman, fantasy, action, romance author