The Warrior Woman: Worlds Apart Book 3

The Warrior Woman

The Warrior Woman

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Candy Phillips vowed at an early age to control her own destiny. Her carefully ordered life is thrown into turmoil when she follows her friends into a parallel universe. Thrust into a hazardous position she did not want, Candy finds herself on a routine mission where things suddenly go terribly wrong.

Recognizing immediately Candy is his soul mate, Tolfer Childers decides to hide the true nature of their relationship. He restrains his emotions so her feelings can grow naturally even though he wants to love and nurture her. In a split second decision, Tolfer sacrifices everything to follow his soul mate to another dimension.

Once they exit the portal, Candy and Tolfer must come together as true soul mates to face the obstacles in this new world.

Is Candy the Warrior Woman of legend? Will she and Tolfer survive in a place no one escapes from? Ultimately, it will take more than Candy and Tolfer’smbond if they are to live.

4 thoughts on “The Warrior Woman: Worlds Apart Book 3”

  1. Would you hold back from being with you soul mate to give him or her time to get to know you or leverage the incredible link that existed between the two of you?

  2. I was watching ‘Dark Matter’ and the lead female character reminded me of Candy…they both kick ass!

  3. The cover shot was originally presented for Shirl’s book, understanding her hair would be changed to blond. I saw it and immediately knew this was Candy’s cover. Shirl’s cover was also included for consideration. Do you think I made the right decision?

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